September 1 Demolition Dan worked most of the day with a jackhammer removing a square section of tiles. Robert got the wiring installed. Dana got the railing on the north deck ready for Sal to weld this Saturday. The old saltillio tile has been removed September 3 Not much to look at today. Dan installed the insulation and Dana prepared the deck rail materials for Sal. All that remains to do in the kitchen is to stain the sills and touch up the paint. A painting from Mary's new "Blackbird" series The north east corner of the kitchen A copper pipe holds the pops and pats over the range Mary's painted table provides a reading table Dishes cabinet under "Cholla" a recently acquired painting. One of Mary's "Chicken Lady" paintings hangs above the cups September 7 Drywall installed by Dana and Dan. The outsides of the windows have been given a scratch coat of stucco. Kelly installed new door trim before going back to the east coast for three weeks. The Saltillo tile is in the garage waiting to be installed on Thursday. The drywall is installed. Solamente will apply a colored clay plaster finish when all the rest of the work is completed. Kelly's new door trim. The hallway will be refinished in Solamente sage clay plaster. First coat of stucco applied around the new windows. The west and north west windows frame the mesas and the Jemez Mountains The west window in the kitchen The dry wall taped. Tomorrow a second coat of "mud" will complete the job. September 9 False alarm on the tile. Job 1 is to get the dry wall ready for Solamente. Fabulous early fall day (started with a glorious sunrise), with blue blue skies and abundant fluffy white clouds. The big windows in the kitchen bring the outside it. Sunset in reverse. It was sunrise this morning. 6:40 AM. September 13 Not much to show today. Dana and Dan showed up with hammers and chisels to chip off the bits of mortar left after the removal of the old Saltillo tiles. This will provide a more stable foundation for the new tiles, which with luck will be installed tomorrow and the next day. September 14 Drew and crew begin laying in a new block of Saltillio Tile. Chloe looks for the two tiles that have cat footprints embedded. The tile installation will be finished tomorrow. Then grout. Then sealer. In that order. Chloe inspects the new tile. Dan, Dana and Drew installing the Saltillo Tile. September 15 Drew had an appointment with two warriors and some clubs and was not at the site today. Dana and Dan continued without him and are almost done. The tiling is almost done. Half of the transition needed to be relpaced. The guys were not even out of the drive before the inspectors had to have a look. September 16 Drew and Dan finished laying the tiles. Tomorrow the grout. We’re getting down to the short strokes. Got grout? Prep work for the clay plaster wall finish The entry hall is part of the clay wall project The grouted tile lies beneath the red contruction paper September 20 The tile is grouted. But before I could get a photo, Kent and his crew from Solamente Clay Walls showed up to prep the entry hall, great room and guest loo. Tomorrow the colored clay plaster will commence and finish end of day Wednesday. From the outside looking in. September 21 Solamente got two walls in the great room completed and most of the entry hall. Today is the 10th anniversary of our move from Black Point to Placitas! The plaster framing the new window. The clay plaster being expertly applied. The finished south wall. The color will dry a bit lighter. September 22 Solamente finished the great room and the entry hall and did a very tidy clean up job. Tomorrow the guest bathroom and burnishing of the finished walls to give a smoother appearance. Looking toward the new kitchen. The boxes are holding down the moulding. The color is actually deeper. The former kitchen. The shelves will go back against the east wall. September 23 Had a ton of rain last night. Unusual for the area where 9” a year is the average. Solamente did the guest bath today and will return tomorrow for a few final things. They did an excellent job. Were pleasant, efficient, and exceptionally tidy. Can’t ask for more than that. The plaster drying in the guest bathroom. The figurehead of the west wind is now mounted above the west deck door. A carved crow hides the discrepency between the old and new lintel. Tobacco meets Merry (as in Mary) red September 24 Dana and Dan added some trim around the bottom of the new windows and did some staining of the new wood. The new Saltillo tile area is now uncovered and needs to be buffed. The project is almost completed and we are starting to put things back to normal. Many old things are now residing in new places. The wine cabinet may or may not go in this corner. The Seth Thomas is back in the hall and looks great against the "Tobacco" plaster wall. The hand carved guardian angel is now over the guest bathroom door. September 27 The project is completed!!! Drew and Dan and Dana completed a variety of tasks including: staining the new posts and sills, and installing the rails on the north and east decks. And all the equipment is GONE! I will miss the guys. They are a fun group to have around if you have to have work done, or even if you don’t have to have work done. Robert is coming tomorrow to install the plugs and lights and in a week or so, we are having the tile in the entire great room and hall cleaned and resealed. A new roof will be added before winter and the driveway restored to its former condition before the plumbing inspector destroyed it inexpertly backing his truck up the driveway (it was not a pretty site!) It’s been a long process, but it was worth it. Well worth it. The sills are stained. Not part of the project. But the library has been rearranged and is usuable again. Dan, Dana, and Drew. They could rename themselves, 3Ds. The great room looking through what was the kitchen to the new kitchen, The great room. The furniture will be put back when the floors are redone. The sideboard is out of the library and into the great room. Mary's Goose Girl painting will cap it off. The guest bathroom